You are everything I ever wanted, but I didn’t believe could exist
tossing and turning
yearning. palms caressing. my. breasts
yearning eyes affixed when i’m undressing
reassuring pecks.
accompanied by your warm breath
across my neck
reassuring you choking me while you deliver the best pain
and I quiver. and I shudder
at the thought that you desire me
regardless of my complexities
you are now amongst the list of my necessities
reassuring you forms these tears that you wipe away
when I’m constantly being irrational and don’t want to lose you
so I push you away and let my words bruise  you
I never truly want to abuse you
I’m tossing and turning
I want this passionate fire to keep burning
I want your reassuring



Justin Bieber Is A Piece Of Shit

I hope that someone shows you that you are nothing but a piece of decaying shit.

Just because you are famous and have 12 year old girls that love you, doesn’t mean that you are cool. People that are fully developed do not like you, because they have intuition… and reason… and fucking have shed to light the piece of shit you are.  You don’t spit on fans, you don’t show up late for concerts because you are taking selfies, you don’t piss in a janitors mop bucket, you don’t skydive and don’t pay, you don’t justify rape, you don’t harass women to the point that they have to hide from you, you don’t drive your car at crazy speeds with children in your neighborhood… You go out in the woods and drive there so you can hit a tree and be in pain on your lonesome. You don’t make fame a sadistic treat. I don’t respect you anymore. I never knew why so many people hated you, until i scoped around the net with my friends… now we and the rest of my facebook friends will hopefully not care about you. HOW THE HELL DO YOU JUSTIFY RAPE? HOW THE HELL DO YOU ABANDON TWO PET MONKEYS THAT YOUR DUMBASS DECIDED TO BUY? Animal Neglect is the worst.  I hope that 5 years down the road, you will be working at a local fast-food restaurant and reflect on your celebrity-ism and realize that you are nothing but a low-life scumbag. Your posse won’t be supporting you when you end up in prison like you should. I hope you realize that you are nothing behind that group of 20 people that have to follow you everywhere because you have no personality without them and you strive to do nothing but impress. I have no respect for you and I hope that one day you gain self-respect.

BTW, you should fucking bow down to Seth Rogen and Orlando Bloom because they are legends and you’re the roach that crawls upon their poop. Even then, those roaches are more talented and have better tattoos.

Stupid Boys Will Never Learn

Don’t touch me.

I’m not trying to be mean.

Your stupid actions are separating us

And quite frankly I think i’ve lost all my trust.

It’s probably because you fucking lust. SO MUCH



It’s not cool to post pictures of hot girls on your profile… even though you have a girlfriend. It’s just annoying and sad!!!!

and all it does is freaking push your girlfriends away! don’t touch me.

That’s the kind of shit you just keep to  yourself..

My Alien Experience

The other night(Thursday), my friend, boyfriend, and i were in the car.
I spotted circular lights/rings in the sky each moving in circles.
There were a group of them, moving in circles
and in the middle, two would meet at a time.
This was so freaky, so i exclaimed, “LOOK!” they too saw it.
We were so spooked and frightened. no other cars were on the road. it was one a.m. and these lights decided to frighten it.
after looking for fifteen minutes and finding no connecting beams leading up to it, we decide to track it down.

after twenty minutes, we get to a neighborhood with woods behind it, and the lights were in the middle of them.

finally, we are underneath these huge lights, around 6 of them. we’re frightened, yet amazed. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS

we try pictures and cameras from our crappy phone resolutions… nothing.

after about five to ten minutes , the lights all come together and disappear. my friend and i in the front seat jump back !
then i see them faintly, but farther away. like they’re moving elsewhere . just once , and it disappears.

this is inexplicable. . . and i don’t ever speak of aliens, then this happens.


Almost Christmas , hmmm , update . NO REGRETS


sayy whaaa ?

i’ve only gotten 3 people things, but that’s because i know i’ll receive something in return .
: D

That’s not selfish . . . That’s life !
Besides, do i look like I have money to juss throw away ! ?


Haven’t written a post in a while .
Many things have happened in that while I believe .

I’ve become open to many things,
things that I once used to be against .
Teenage things I would say .

but hmmm ,
oh . did lose weight , but i pretty much gained it all back .

HOWEVER, i will begin to diet again .
I said that lass night, but i started off the morning with pancakes .
So i have failed so far .
I liked having a flat tummy ! but i got lazy again

So i guess I’ll start the diet again . .. right now!
(the diet might temporarily wear off if pizza hut is inhaled though . )

My boyfriend likes my tummy, but I wanna look good .
For him and for me .
I wanna be the sexy girlfriend that he’s not ashamed of .

I got him a present, but he doesn’t know what it is .
He’ll like it . but it couldn’t exactly fit in the
christmas box packaging I bought . . . so i crammed
the items in there (Coat, Gloves, Candy Canes, & Air Freshner)
and i Duct Taped it, then I wrote “FAIL” on the front .
how exciting right ?
He’ll like it I know . . . He better -_- . . . 😀

No school for two weeks ! YEAH .
no calculus ! that’s the only thing i worry about .
I would’ve gotten all A’s . . . if MATH DIDN’T EXIST !

Spread out the movie SUPERBAD in the course of three days .
finally got through with watching it lass night .

About to watch CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE any moment now .
I heard it was a funny movie . . and steve is HILARIOUS

especially when he does that laugh that starts off sounding
like a horse , then goes silent . IT’S GREAT .


I’m living my life with no regrets .
you should too . 😀





Is my new favorite show .

It’s like a mix of your real life, mixed with awkwardness,
mixed with people who always tell the truth (even if it hurts),
mixed with a guy who jokes about his family.
It’s on comedy central (37 on time warner cable . .and idk)

But I like the show, I know i’m late a season, but who cares.
I find myself just laughing like I have 10 people watching the show with me

you know how you don’t laugh outloud when you’re by yourself,


when a friend is there ?
OHHHH SNAPPPP. all giggles break loose .

Well . . .those rules don’t apply to me with that show. . not even remotely

I’m knee slapping,
I’m laughing like a donkey,
I’m even covering my mouth like I have a braceface and
the guy that I have a huge crush on is watching me.
Yeah, that’s how funny the show is . . give it a try .

The Actor/Comedians name is LOUIS C.K .
idk his real name or anything.
let me look it up:

Louis Szekely


Doesn’t he just want to make you laugh ?

He’s my favorite comedian.
He doesn’t like just sit there/ stand there and make fun of races

I dunno, I just think it’s a funny show and I wanted to let you guys know. . .

actually no . . .I didn’t have anything else to do .
it’s around 2 in the morning on a thursday .
[Transitioning from Wed. to Thurs.]

and i don’t have shit to do . .

Well Uhh Yeah . .