The quaking origins fixate on memories that precede you. Our honest thoughts are becoming transparent The abstract concept we claim to feel dwells on a figment in our imagination The grass is always greener.  But we haven’t mowed in so long. So when we try to saunter over to the other side, we trip, realizing … More Saunter

Ain’t for me

A guy that ain’t smooth with his words just ain’t for me You gotta slowly creep up to me You gotta do it stealthily A guy that ain’t smooth with his words just ain’t for me If alcohol was your first resort to get into these pants Then you better have a dope ass plan … More Ain’t for me


walking up and unhooking my heart from the clothesline where it was hung nonchalantly ┬ástealing the air right from the alveoli of my lungs kissing you and feeling you, yet it feels like a figment thinking hard about the swirl and our contrast of pigments your cancerous love got’s ta be malignant man it feels … More Feelz

This poem SUCKS

The guilt will creep up from behind you then enter and casually consume you from the inside. I was happy once and then I cried Knowing that you are surrounded by supportive individuals is meaningless due to the pang of one that’s vindictive It’s funny because it’s almost instinctive that you never let that guard … More This poem SUCKS


with these puffed up eyes I’m going to puff up my chest and pretend that I am okay NO, I will not get better Stop telling me that I have so many people that love me maybe they populate my tears Perhaps they are the prior irritation that caused the inflammation and that’s why my … More convince